N-sight RMM mobile app

With our Apple iOS and Google Android N-sight RMM apps, you can easily check your Clients, their Device status, and connect via Take Control regardless of your location.

Our N-sight RMM app includes the following:

  • View problem servers and workstations with the same device view filters that you have in the N-sight RMM Dashboard
  • Use the Search option to quickly find a device in the list
  • Filter by Client to see all their servers and workstations
  • View full Checks, Outages, Tasks and Notes
  • View full Asset data
  • Clear failing Checks
  • Add Check Notes
  • Use the Take Control feature to remotely access and manage workstations and servers
  • Apply selected user permissions including client groups
  • Security
    • App authenticates with your standard N-sight RMM username/password instead of the API key
    • Same login system as the N-sight RMM
    • Support for Two Factor Authentication
    • Option to sign in using a passcode, fingerprint or face ID
    • If configured, require passcode, fingerprint or face ID to initiate a Take Control session