Mikrotik Fan Status

The Fan Status (Mikrotik) Check monitors the fan status on the specified Mikrotik device.

Basic Check information

Check Type SNMP
Supported Systems/Application SNMP-enabled devices that support the MIKROTIK-MIB
Supported Device Class Router


Issue Corrective Action
Failed Ensure the correct SNMP community string is configured in Network Discovery for the device
201 Exception OID_TYPE_NOSUCHOBJECT Missing OID object on the device for specific metric

SNMP Properties Queried

Object Descriptors Numerical OID

Calculations Performed

Status Detail Description
Currently Active Fan Fan returned as active from mtxrHlActiveFan
Fan 1 Speed Fan 1 speed from mtxrHlFanSpeed1 (RPM):
  • Pass: Greater than 3000
  • Fail: Less than 300
Fan 2 Speed Fan 1 speed from mtxrHlFanSpeed2 (RPM):
  • Pass: Greater than 3000
  • Fail: Less than 300