Bitdefender Engine - Supported Products for Removal

The Managed Antivirus Competitor Antivirus Removal Tool (CART) removes any existing antivirus products (where supported) before installing Managed Antivirus on the computer.

Select CART as the default setting for automatic removal or use it to remove an antivirus product from just one machine.

The Bitdefender engine edition of CART uses OPSWAT's AppRemover to detect and remove any currently installed Antivirus or Antispyware products.

Depending on the discovered antivirus product. CART can either uninstall the product when marked as Yes for ARSupported, orr simply report the product as detected, marked as No for ARSupported.

The below AppRemover Support Chart contains the following columns:

Vendor | Product | V4ID | AdapterID | Version | ARSupported | Categories

Select AntiVirus or AntiSpyware from the categories drop-down to view CART supported products.

Once in the relevant section. The Search for products field limits the results to specific products. Show Uninstall Supported Only only returns results for those classed as ARSupported: YES.

End-user interaction is not required when uninstalling the existing solution with AppRemover.

However, not all products offer silent removal. In these cases, the uninstall interface is briefly displayed as part of the automated removal process.

Exception: Malwarebytes is an exception to the list provided by OPSWAT



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