Managing Files and Folders on multiple servers or workstations

If you wish to make changes to the Files and Folders selection on multiple servers or workstations who are using a policy, then this can be done from:

  1. Settings > Backup & Recovery > Settings
  2. Choose the Entity to edit
  3. When changing an existing policy you are required to select an Action to perform on the Files and folders selection
    1. No change (default): does not change the File and Folders selection of any device inheriting that policy
    2. Update Selection: existing Files and Folders selections are updated to include the directories and exclude the sub-directories that were added.
    3. Please note that removing a directory will also remove this from existing Files and Folders selections.

    4. Replace Selection: the existing Files and folders selections are replaced with the directories included and the sub-directories excluded below

If changes were made to the Schedule, Backup selection or LocalSpeedVault in the Backup Manager, the policy is set at the individual level and the device no longer inherits the policy settings for the overall device type, Client or Site.