Columns in the North-pane

The North-pane columns provide device information, a summary view of enabled features, and alerting behavior across multiple devices. For more in-depth information about a device, you select the device in the North-pane and then view information in the South-pane.

Using the Columns drop-down menu, which is available for all the North-pane tabs except the Mobile Devices tab, you can select the columns to include in that specific North-pane tab. You can also drag and drop the columns in North-pane tab to re-order them from left to right.

The changes are applied per user and persist between sessions, even when you navigate away from the N-sight RMM Dashboard. To reset the North-pane default settings, see Reset N-sight RMM Dashboard Layout.

To view a text description of an icon, hover over the icon.


For a list of icons in the N-sight RMM Dashboard, see N-sight RMM Icons.