Edit an Automated Task - Multiple Devices

Automated Tasks are edited in bulk on selected devices or at the Client or Site level.

To edit an Automated Task on multiple devices:

Automated Tasks run based on the local time of the computer where the Agent is installed.

  1. Select the devices where you want to edit the Automated Task
    Select multiple devices in the North-pane
    1. Multi-select the target devices in the North-pane of the N-sight RMM Dashboard (use Shift and left-click to choose a range of devices or Control and left-click for specific machines)
    2. Right-click one of the selected devices and select Task > Edit

      The selected devices must use the same operating system for the Task option to display.

    Select devices at the Client or Site level
    1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard Client list, right-click the target Client or Site and select Task > Edit
    2. Filter the tasks by Servers or Workstations
  2. Select the task

    You can edit one task on 2000 devices at a time. To ensure more than 2000 devices running an identical task (exactly the same configuration, schedule and descriptive name) are manageable from the dialog, we recommend you create similar tasks, with different descriptive names, that are applied to groups of less than 2000 devices.

    Multi-select the target devices in the North-pane (or choose at the Client or Site level) right-click Task, Edit proceed through the dialogs then change the Descriptive Name to differentiate this from the other Checks. For example change Clean All Temp Files to Clean All Temp Files - Batch 1, Clean All Temp Files - Batch 2 etc. Once complete, confirm the devices to change the Task on then OK to apply.

  3. Use Next and Previous to navigate through the wizard and amend the Task description, script parameters, frequency and frequency options. For more information about selecting these options, see Add an Automated Task - Multiple Devices.
  4. In Edit Task Device Confirmation, confirm the devices where you want the task edit to apply

    Task edits are applied to all selected devices, including offline or overdue devices, with the changes communicated to the devices the next time they check in to the N-sight RMM Dashboard.

  5. Click Apply Edit to save changes

You cannot Edit the parent Automated Task, with this option only available where a unique Automated Task is selected.

Script argument handling for Windows Agent

Any specified arguments are passed to the script exactly as they would be if entered directly on the device itself.