Delete a Script Check - Multiple Devices

Script Checks may be removed on a single device or from multiple computers.

  1. Select a device in the North-pane of the Dashboard
  2. Go to the Checks tab
  3. Select the target Script Check
  4. From the Check drop-down menu select Delete Checks Like This (also available from the Check's right-click menu)
  5. Choose Check (optional if deleting a Check other than the one selected in the South-pane)
    1. Operating System
    2. Check Frequency
      1. 24x7 Checks
      2. DSC Checks
      3. Select Check
  6. Delete Check
    1. Apply To: Choose the entity level (all Workstations, specific Clients or Sites. Devices matching the selection are displayed in the main window)
    2. Select the target devices in the main pane
    3. Delete Selected
    4. Review the confirmation dialog
    5. Enter the password you have logged into the Dashboard under to confirm removal
    6. OK to delete
  7. OK to exit