The Asset Tracking Dashboard Hardware tab displays the hardware configuration for a device. For example, the Hardware tab can display the CPU, drives, motherboard version, BIOS version, graphics card installed, network adapters, and so on. It can also display any peripherals that are attached, and discoverable, to the device at the time of the scan.

Device Hardware and Software information is also displayed in the Assets tab in the All Devices view.

Detected hardware modifications are indicated by a pencil icon and hardware deletions are indicated by a trash can icon.

Linux and Mac devices use different hardware naming convention and hierarchy than Windows, and those differences are reflected in the Hardware tab. Where available the Status of the found hardware is also returned.

The Modification Report available from the Asset Tracking Dashboard Reports menu provides detailed information on the history of changes to Windows devices at the Client.

Hardware Asset Tracking Known Issues - Linux does not include:

- Manufacturer of the floppy disk drives
- Monitor and video card information
- Physical chassis type