VIPRE Engine (Legacy) Information

VIPRE is only available to N-sight RMM accounts created prior to 26th August 2015.

VIPRE MAV-BD is a legacy product, and support and the documentation here is provided on an 'as-is' basis.

N-sight RMM accounts created after 26th August 2015 do not have the option to select the VIPRE Engine when configuring MAV-BD, only theBitdefender Engine may be deployed as an antivirus solution.

From September 27th 2022 onward, devices that still use VIPRE Managed Antivirus may no longer be protected as definitions updates also stop from this date.

VIPRE will be removed from RMM entirely before the end of 2022.

We recommend, where possible, to migrate your VIPRE Protection Policies to Bitdefender Engine Protection Policies, and re-deploy MAV-BD Bitdefender in place of any current MAV-BD Vipre Engine deployments.

What's Inside