Physical Drive (EqualLogic) Check

The Physical Drive (EqualLogic) Check monitors the overall status of a physical drive attached to a Dell EqualLogic SAN.

Basic Check information

Check Type SNMP
Instances on a Device 100
Supported Systems/Applications Dell EqualLogic SANs that support the EQLMEMBER-MIB MIB.
Device Class Server - Generic and Server - Windows


Issue Corrective Action
Failed Please check that the correct SNMP community string is configured in Network Discovery for the device
201 Exception OID_TYPE_NOSUCHOBJECT Missing OID object on the device for specific metric


Metric Name OID/Calculation Description
Drive Status Description

Describes the current status of the physical drive. The possible values are:

1 On-line The disk is used in the RAID set.
2 Spare The disk is not currently used by a RAID configuration but may be used when status of a currently on-line disk changes.
3 Failed Either the disk is faulty or when there is no power.
4 Offline The disk doesn't fall into any of these other categories.
5 Alt-sig
6 Too-small The drive is too small to be used. The drive cannot be converted to spare.
7 History-of-failures The drive has a history of failures. The drive can be converted to spare.
8 Unsupported-version The drive label is from a later release. The drive can be converted to spare.
9 Unhealthy The drive is unhealthy.
10 Replacement The drive is a replacement drive.
11 Encrypted The drive is encrypted and cannot be decrypted.
12 NotApproved The drive is not DELL approved.
13 Preempt-failed The drive is off-line due to excessive errors.
Disk Serial Number The serial number of the physical drive.
Disk Model Number The model name and/or number of the physical drive.
Disk Model Revision Number The firmware revision number of the physical drive.
Disk Error Count The number of disk errors that have taken place since the physical drive was last powered on.
Disk Capacity (MB) The size of the physical drive.