NetBotz Dew Point Check

The NetBotz Dew Point Check monitors the dew point reading, by default in degrees Celsius, and sensor status of the specified dew point sensor.

Basic Check information

Check Type SNMP
Instances on a Device 68
Supported Systems/Applications Any NetBotz device that has an attached dew point sensor
Device Class Other


Issue Corrective Action
Failed Please check that the correct SNMP community string is configured in Network Discovery for the device
201 Exception OID_TYPE_NOSUCHOBJECT Missing OID object on the device for specific metric


Metric Name OID/Calculation Description
Dewpoint The dew point temperature measured in degrees Celsius.
Dewpoint The dew point temperature measured in degrees Fahrenheit.
Sensor Status This status is either Connected or Disconnected. The Check reports a Failed Status if the sensor reports Disconnected.
Sensor Status Description