The APC UPS Check provides basic and advanced APC UPS battery information.

Basic Check information

Check Type SNMP
Instances on a Device 1
Supported Systems/Applications Any PowerNet-MIB Compliant Device from APC.
Device Class Server - Generic, Other, Printer, Scanner/Camera, Switch/Router, and Server - Windows.


Issue Corrective Action
Failed Please check that the correct SNMP community string is configured in Network Discovery for the device
201 Exception OID_TYPE_NOSUCHOBJECT Missing OID object on the device for specific metric


Metric Name OID/Calculation Description
Status The status of the UPS battery.
  • Unknown (1) : Warning
  • batteryNormal (2) : Normal
  • batteryLow (3) : Failed

A Battery Low (3) value indicates the UPS will be unable to sustain the current load, and its Checks will be lost if power is not restored.

Time On The elapsed time since the UPS has switched to battery power.
Last Replaced The date when the UPS system's batteries were last replaced, in mm/dd/yy format. For Smart-UPS models, this value is originally set in the factory. When replacing the UPS batteries, the administrator should reset this value.

Capacity The remaining battery capacity expressed as a percentage.
Temperature The current internal UPS temperature, expressed in degrees Celsius.
Time Remaining The run time remaining before battery exhaustion.
Replace Indicator Indicates if the UPS batteries need to be replaced.
  • noBatteryNeedsReplacing(1) : Normal
  • batteryNeedsReplacing(2) : Failed