Removing Devices with Disk Encryption Manager from the All Devices view

You may need to delete devices from your All Devices view according to your customers' requirements. When doing so, caution should be taken with devices that are encrypted, as ALL deleted devices will remain encrypted by default. If you need to decrypt the devices please follow the directions Removing Disk Encryption Manager with or without Decrypting Devices before removing them from the All Devices view.

Device deletion instructions are detailed in Delete a Client, Site or device from N-sight RMM.

If you close your N-sight RMM (trial or full) account entirely then you will have to rely on your Recovery Key Report. Ensure you have produced the report and have saved this securely for future use before closing down you N-sight RMM account, as we do not store anything in this case.

If you delete your devices from N-sight RMM, the last known Recovery Key will be retained in the Recovery Key Report for 90 days only.

If you remove Disk Encryption Manager from devices, and they remain in N-sight RMM, you still have access to the Recovery Key Report which has the history of the last known Recovery Key before the device returned the control to the end user. Be aware, the end-user may have re-encrypted which would change the Recovery Key from what N-sight RMM last had on record.

In these scenarios, we highly recommended running the Recovery Key Report and storing it in a safe location before performing any other actions. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the Recovery Keys from N-sight RMM or Technical Support.