Schedule the Daily Safety Check to run after the Backup and Antivirus have completed

There are two Check types available in the monitoring solution. 24x7 Check which continually run on the device and the once a day Daily Safety Checks.

The Daily Safety Checks are designed to monitor those tasks that would traditionally run once per day, for example the Backup Check, Antivirus Update Check, Disk Consumption over a twenty four hour period etc.

To reduce the number of spurious failures and subsequent Alerts we would suggest configuring the Daily Safety Checks to ensure that they run after these tasks have completed. For example if the antivirus product is scheduled to update at 06:30, configuring the Daily Safety Check to run at 06:00 will generally lead to the Antivirus Update Check failing on a daily basis!

Depending on the device's Operating System there are two options to change the Daily Safety Check run time.

Dashboard (Windows, Linux and Mac)

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard North-pane, select the device
  2. Open the Edit Server or Edit Workstation dialog.
  3. This is accessed in one of the following ways:
  4. Double-click on the device or
  5. Go to Edit
  6. Click on the Server or Workstation drop-down
  7. Right-click on the device
  8. Navigate to General Settings, Check Frequency
  9. Select the DSC Run Time from the drop-down
  10. Click OK to apply


Advanced Monitoring Agent (Windows)

  1. Log into the Windows Advanced Monitoring Agent
  2. Click Settings in the Daily Safety Check section
  3. Choose when to run the Checks in the Hour of day drop-down
  4. Click OK to apply