Passportal's branding feature allows you to customize the visual look of the dashboard. You can replace the Passportal logo in the top left corner with your own company logo, and change the color scheme of the website. In addition to allowing organizations to tailor the site to their tastes, this branding will also affect blank label resold users accessing Passportal.

If you resell Passportal to your clients, they will see your companies design choices when they access their passwords.

If you utilize the Passportal Mobile App, it will automatically update to the branding color scheme you set for the dashboard.

To set your organization's branding settings:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Branding
  2. Add a new Logo by using the Choose File option. For best results, we recommend a .PNG file, with Transparent backgound, sized 180 x 30 pixels
  3. Set the color scheme required in the Application Branding section to style the dashboard. Each field allows the use of Hex codes for the colors, as well as providing a color chart to select from
  4. Set the Email Branding as required. Controls are the same as the Application Branding section.
  5. If you also have Blink, you can set a Blink Custom Email in the Branding settings as well. Enter the email details and formatting using the provided editor.
  6. Once the setup is as desired, click Save at the foot of the page.