Backup Utility

You may want to have a local backup of the credentials stored in Passportal in case of an unexpected local internet outage preventing you from accessing them. Download the Passportal Backup Utility from the downloads section in Passportal to easily backup your passwords that are stored in Passportal, so long as you have access to them in Passportal.

The Passportal Backup Utility can also be run as a scheduled task within windows if you would like to have a periodic backup of your passwords should the worst happen.


The Backup Utility tab is used to generate a unique Access Key which is used to authenticate the Backup Utility application.

To access the Backup Utility tab:

  1. Navigate to SettingsGeneral > Backup Utility.
  2. The existing key will be shown in the Access Key field
  3. Use the Copy to Clipboard button to be able to paste the Access Key
    • into the Backup Utility when you are accessing the Passportal web-consle (as seen below) on the same device as you are using the Backup Utility
    • Into a secure document to share with technicians

If the Access Key has been shared, it is Best Practice to use the Rotate Access Key button after the Backup Utility usage time has completed, so that the shared keys can no longer be used should they become known to malicious users.