ConnectWise® Control™ Integration Configuration

ConnectWise® Control™ Integration does not support Mac devices


  • Passportal Account.
  • ConnectWise® Control™ (v6.1 or higher).

Cloud Versions of Control™ may require an additional installation step to initialize the Clipboard functionality correctly.

If you are experiencing problems with the clipboard, see ConnectWise® Control™ - Enabling Clipboard Functionality (Cloud Version).

Installing the Extension

  1. Navigate to the Administration panel within ConnectWise Control and select Extensions
  2. Click Browse Extension Marketplace and use the search tool to search for Passportal
  3. Select N-able Passportal Integration, and then click Install.

Using the Extension

  1. Navigate to the Passportal Integration.
  2. Launch or join a session in ConnectWise Control. The integration should now show in the Helper menu. Select the integration and login.
  3. Select the Client and required Credential. Click the Username/Password button to copy to the clipboard
  4. Click into the appropriate Username/Password field and then click Send Clipboard Keystrokes.