Managing Security Groups

Security groups are used to restrict access in two different ways

  • Restricting access to a folder to a group of specified users only
  • Assigning clients specifically to a group of specified users

The What are the Best Practices for Security Groups and Folder Structure? topic contains useful information to take into account when creating folder structures.

Create New Security Group

  1. Navigate the menu, Access Control > Security Groups.
  2. Select the + New Security Group button.
  3. The New Security Group dialog opens. Click into the Name field and enter a name for the new group.
  4. Click Edit for each of Assigned Users and Assigned Clients to set which users and clients are associated to the Security Group.
  5. Assign Users/Permissions by selecting them from the left pane and selecting the right arrow button above the column. The double arrows move all in the column.
  6. To remove Users/Permissions, select them to be removed on the right pane and select the left arrow button in the center.
  7. Click Assign once the required permissions are set to be taken to the previous screen.
  8. Click Save once Users and Permissions have been assigned.
  9. Security groups are applied to folders in the Edit Folder window by selecting or removing previously created/saved groups.

Edit Security Group

  1. Select Edit Security Group in the Actions column of the Security Group list, next to the relevant group.
  2. To assign or remove users or permissions, follow the same steps as above.

Delete Security Group

  1. Select Delete Security Group in the Actions Column of the list next to the desired security group.