Managing Permissions Levels

Permission Levels determine what actions a user can and cannot perform. Permission Level definitions are detailed in the Permission Level Guide.

To create or modify custom permission levels follow these steps:

Create a new Permission Level

  1. Navigate to Access Control > Permission Levels.
  2. Click the + New Permission Level button.
  3. Click Empty and enter the Permission Level name desired.
  4. Click Edit. This opens the Assigned Permissions dialog.
  5. Assign permissions by selecting them from the left pane and selecting the right arrow button above the column. The double arrow moves all in the column.
  6. To remove permissions, select the permissions to be removed on the right pane and select the left arrow button in the center.
  7. Click Assign once the required permissions are set to be taken to the previous screen, or Save to complete the permission level setup and close the dialog.

Edit Permission Level

  1. Select the Edit Permission Level icon in the Actions column of the Permission Levels list, next to the relevant custom permission level.
  2. To assign or remove permissions, follow the same steps as above.
  • Default permission levels cannot be modified.

Delete a Permission Level

  1. Select Delete Permission Level in the Actions column next to relevant custom permission level.
  • Default permission levels cannot be removed.