Where there is a drop-down menu in the template, what the drop-down menu is for will determine where the selectable options will need to be defined:
  • If the drop-down is for an item that is recorded in Passportal, such as an Asset or Vendor, then the document for those must be present already for them to appear in an appropriate drop-down menu
  • If the drop-down is for an item that is not a record in Passportal, then the template itself must be edited, and the Select Box element amended to include the sought after selection using the +Add new option button

The elements in the templates are detailed in Element Options.
  1. Navigate to Apps & Services, and click Backup
  2. Click the + Create Backup button
  3. The default Backup template will be displayed. Enter a Title and the required details to create your document
  4. You can record more detail in the Local Backup section of the template. drop-down fields are available to select information already recorded in Passportal, such as Assets
  5. Click Save to finish once all relevant information has been recorded

Please see Common Functionality for further information on common template features.