Configure Journaling in Mail Assure/Exchange

To set up journaling in Mail Assure/Exchange you need to:

Find Global Journal Address

You can find the global journal address at the Domain Level, in the Archiving > Status page.

If the address ends with '@MX-record-hostname' please use

Configure Journaling in Microsoft Exchange 2010

  1. Open EMC - Organization Configuration - Hub Transport - Journal Rules
  2. Right click and select New Journal Rule
  3. Enter the global journal address in Send Journal reports to e-mail address
  4. Select Internal Scope
  5. Select Journal messages for recipient and select the Dynamic Distribution Group for this domain

Configure Journaling in Exchange 2013/2016/Online (Microsoft 365)

  1. Log into the Exchange Admin Center (EMC)
  2. Go to Compliance Management > Journal rules
  3. Enter a valid email address to receive journal failure alerts
  4. Click on the + (plus sign) and create the journal rule as follows:
    • Send journal reports to: Enter the global journal address noted from the Archive > Status page (above)
    • Name: Give the rule a meaningful name
    • If the message is sent to or received from: Choose [Apply to all messages]
    • Journal the following messages:
      • ​Select Internal messages only if the domain uses incoming/outgoing filtering
      • Select All messages if the domain is archive-only