Configure the Abuse Report Address

An ARF (Abuse Reporting Format) report is an email format abuse report which is generated every time an outgoing sender's message is rejected. The report is sent to the Admin contact entered in the Domain Level, Outgoing > Settings page.

Use this report to target spammers in your network, alerting you each time a spam message is sent.

Each report contains:

  • An attachment containing the blocked message
  • Information about the outbound sender account that was used
  • Timestamp

When using the Outbound filter, it is highly recommended that you set this up to identify spammers in your network.

  1. In the Domain Level Control Panel, select Outgoing > Settings
  2. In the Administrator's contact field, enter the email address to send the abuse reports
  3. Click Save

The address that is configured should be an address that has no inbound filtering, and not a "freemail" address as these can often cause problems in receiving the reports.

We recommend also adding the email address to the Recipient Allow list - the ARF report contains a copy of the blocked message which may be blocked by the incoming filter. Alternatively you can use an email address that is not filtered specifically for this purpose.

It is also possible to use other methods of monitoring the outbound spam, if using ARF reports is not possible. For example you may use using API's, CSV reports and/or IMAP. See Outbound Spam Monitoring.

Important - When spammers are reported in your network, either via ARF reports or other means, ensure that these problem sources (senders, scripts, etc) are dealt with promptly.