How can I test the mail server is working properly?

Incoming Mail

Using the Network Tools feature you can manually test if your destination mail server is accepting mail using Telnet.

  1. First you need to find the destination route set up for your domain,: Select Incoming > Destinations and copy the IP or hostname of the server destination route.
  2. Next, you need to open the Network Tools page: Select Others > Network Tools and click to open the SMTP tab.
  3. Paste the copied destination IP or hostname into the Hostname field.
  4. In the Envelope recipient field enter an email address from the same domain (for testing connectivity, it can be any existing email address).
  5. Select a delivery IP from the Interface dropdown (
  6. If you do not change this, the check will originate from so need to be changed.

  7. Click Run.
  8. The Telnet test should show the successful connection to the destination host.

Outgoing Mail

Test if a destination domain is correctly accepting email using Telnet in the Network Tools feature.

  1. To do this you first need to look up the destination MX record of the domain.
  2. Once you have this, select Others > Network Tools and click to open the SMTP tab.
  3. Enter the MX record into the Hostname field and enter a valid recipient at the domain you are testing to in the Envelope recipient field.
  4. Click Run.


Please make sure that when manually changing your domain MX records, the cPanel Email Routing settings are always set to "Local Mail Exchanger instead of "Automatically Detect Configuration", otherwise the cPanel server will reject all email to this domain. This will show in the log search as "Recipient Rejected by destination server". Since it is a permanent reject at the destination server, the mail will be permanently rejected. Permanent failures, including failed Recipient Callouts, are being cached up to two hours.