View Archive Status

In your Domain Level Control Panel, click on Archiving > Status. The following Archive information may be displayed:

  • Status - Enabled or disabled for the domain
  • Space used - An estimation of the space used for Archiving for the domain
  • Archive mail - Which mailboxes are archived
  • Number of days emails are stored - The length of time archived emails are kept for
  • Soft quota - A soft limit at which you will start receiving warning messages that you are reaching your quota
  • Hard quota - A hard limit at which no further emails can be archived
  • Global journal address - The Global Journal Address that has been configured for the Archiving on this domain

Global Journal Address

This is a custom address available for each domain which allows you to set up Journaling without the MX records pointing to the filtering server. You can use this in your Journaling setup directly, without having to configure anything in the Archived Recipients.

If you are using Mail Assure Filtering, the address will be automatically populated with the MX record.