Manage Domain Users

Only one Domain user can be created per domain. Domain users are managed by the Admin user to which the domain belongs.

In the Admin Level Control Panel, select Users & Permissions > Manage Domain Users to display the Manage domain users page.

If a domain user already exists for every domain assigned to the Admin, no others can be created.

If there are no domain users for a domain, click Add to add one or Upload CSV file - see Add a Domain User.

The dropdown along side each Domain user provides the following options:

  • Edit - Edit the Domain user
  • Delete - Delete the Domain user
  • Login as user - Log into the system as this Domain User
  • Enforce 2FA - Enforce 2FA for this Domain User

    Mail Assure uses application based multi-factor authentication.

Reset a Password

  1. Log in to Mail Assure
  2. Navigate to Users & Permissions and open the Manage Domain Users page
  3. Find the domain user who requires a password reset
  4. Click the dropdown arrow to the left of the user and select Edit
  5. Enter and confirm the new password
  6. Save the changes