Add the Domain to Mail Assure

  1. Login to Mail Assure as an Admin Level user
  2. Navigate to General > Domains Overview
  3. Click Add Domain

  4. Select Setup Manually

  5. Enter the domain name and assign the domain to an Admin and click Next

    Assigning a domain dictates the ownership of a domain. The only users who can access this domain will be the top level Tenant user and the Sub-Admin to which it has been assigned.

  6. If the domain entered returns a destination of or outlook, a prompt will be given which will either take you to Configure Microsoft 365 Sync for the domain, or to continue adding the domain manually.

  7. To keep message logs and quarantine storage within a specific geographic region, choose the territory from the Region dropdown:
    • Global (recommended)
    • United States
    • European Union
    • United Kingdom
    • Asia-Pacific
    • South Africa

    This does not affect the mail-flow into and out of the domain. Specific Geographic MX records and relay servers must be used to alter mail-flow locations.

    We recommend using the default Global region to make optimal use of our globally distributed cloud and infrastructure redundancy. When selected, our Global data centers are used for email filtering, logging and quarantine.

    We then validate the entered destination and port information. For example, ensure it resolves to a valid IP address and attempt to query the domain's MX records. Where we detect an issue this is displayed in the dialog for review.

  8. In the Destination route hostnames fields, add the mail server address (IP or FQDN) along with the Port incoming mail is to be routed through after filtering

    Click + Add route to include additional routes and ports for the domain. Use the drag and drop feature to reorder the destinations and ports. Adding multiple routes here is preferable for load balancing purposes or if an alternative route is needed in case of failover.

    For more information on how to find your Destination server address, see Find Destination Server Hostname

    If you do not have a specific destination server route to add from the start, Mail Assure will automatically fill in a suggested destination route for you (this route is detected from the domain's existing MX records), with a default destination port 25.

    Once you have set your destination route(s) here, they will be displayed in the Incoming > Destinations page - see Manage Destinations

  9. Click Next
  10. You will now be presented with the Domain Verification instructions. Follow the steps provided here to verify ownership of the domain you are adding

    This step is mandatory, either now or after the domain has been added.

    Cross-domain aliases will be disabled for this domain until you verify ownership

  11. After Verification, you will see the Settings tab. On this page, configure the Default settings for the domain:
    • Incoming Filtering - If enabled, all inbound email will be filtered
    • Email Scout Reports - If enabled, Email Scout Reports will be automatically enabled so that they are sent to each recipient in your domain, up to 3 times a day
    • Only accept email to your defined mailboxes - If enabled, inbound mail will only be accepted to mailboxes that appear in Mail Assure
    • Email archiving - If enabled, a backup of all your organizations mail will be taken
    • Private Portal - If enabled, four Private Portal policies will be created automatically to send emails that match the criteria to the Private Portal:
      • Messages where the subject contains 'Private'
      • Messages where the subject contains 'Confidential'
      • Messages where the subject contains sensitive data
      • Messages where the subject contains the padlock emoji (unicode character "U+1f512", or shortcodes ":lock:", "(locked)" or ":locked:")

        Please check with your provider for how to add this

    • Timezone - Set the timezone the domain is based in
    • Date format - Select a date format
    • Time Format - Select a time format

  12. Click Finish and configure mailboxes

    The summary page will also advise to update your MX records and configure Firewalls once the domain has been added. These steps must be completed

  1. Now, follow the steps to Configure Google Workspace Domain's Advanced Settings

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