Email Archiving

Our Email Archiving facility allows you to store all your organization's email and access it if needed in the Mail Assure interface. In doing so, helping maintain legal compliance.

When Archiving is enabled in Mail Assure, all messages routed through the filter (inbound and outbound) will be stored on the Mail Assure servers in addition to being delivered to the recipient server.

Archiving vs. Journaling

Internal messages, sent between addresses in the same domain, are processed by the local mail server and are sent directly to the users' mailboxes. They are not routed through Mail Assure, and therefore not stored in the Archive. In order to archive internal messages on the Mail Assure system you need to configure journaling on your local mail server (MTA).

The Mail Assure Archiving facility, when enabled, generates a global journaling address that is used to configure a journal rule on your mail server. This will route a copy of internal messages to the Mail Assure Archive.

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