Forgotten Password

The Retrieve Log-in Link can be used in the following scenarios:

  • If you are an Admin, Domain or Email user not using N-able Single Sign-On (SSO) who already has an account in the system and you have forgotten your password - see Existing Account - Forgotten Password
  • If you have a mailbox and you want to set up an Email user account for yourself in Mail Assure - see Create New Email Account via the Retrieve Log-in Link
  • If you are an administrator and you want an existing user to change their password or they have forgotten their password, you can send a customised link (containing their username) to reset their password - see Forgotten Password

The Retrieve Log-in Link process will not work for N-able Single Sign-On (SSO) accounts. To reset the password for N-able Single Sign-On (SSO) accounts, see Forgotten Passwords

If you continue having issues logging in after following the above steps, please contact support to raise a ticket.