Outgoing Log Search

The Outgoing > Log Search works in the same way as the Incoming Log Search but logs all outgoing messages over the past 32 days. This feature is available from the Admin Level, Domain level and Email level Control Panels, from Outgoing > Logs.

Using the Log Search you can:

Click on the classification link in the page description at the top of the log search to display the Classifications side-bar which shows more information on the classifications available:

Actions Available on Log Search Results

In the Search Results listed you can carry out a variety of actions. These differ depending on the status of the message, and include but are not limited to the listed actions below.

These options will change depending not only on the user level logged in, but also on the status of the message and whether you are on the Incoming or Outgoing Log Search page.

Regenerate Archive Message Content Index

This is only to search within the Archived message body content. This is not needed for searching message metadata.

This process may take some time to complete.

If you want to be able to search all Incoming or Outgoing archived message content in your domain, click on the Regenerate Content Index button at the top of the Domain Level Log Search page. This is controlled by the Indexing Options section in the Archive Settings page at Domain Level only.

The index is regenerated and any messages archived since the last time the index was generated are added to the index - allowing you to search all archived message content for that domain.