How to train incoming spam in Mail Assure

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Wed 13 Jan 15:44 GMT 2021


  • Mail Assure user would like to train missed spam
  • How to train incoming spam in Mail Assure


  • N-able Mail Assure


  • You can train spam in the Mail Assure Control Panel, or by forwarding the email as an attachment:
    • Within the Mail Assure Control Panel:
      1. Login to N-able Mail Assure dashboard.
      2. Under General, click Domain overview
      3. Select the affected domain by clicking directly on the domain name
      4. Under Incoming, click Train Messages
      5. Upload .eml or .msg file
      6. Select the Spam Messages radio button
      7. Select Continue
    • Alternatively, send the email as an attachment to
  • Email addresses or Domains will not be automatically Blacklisted, this needs to be done separately if required.

  • For more information, see Report Spam.