Microsoft 365 Teams: What Is/Is Not Included

Due to the constraints of Microsoft 365, it is important to note what can and cannot be backed up and restored for the Teams service.

What's included

  • Teams
  • Team member settings
  • Channels in the Teams
  • Messages in the Channels
  • Attachments in the Channels (Private, Public and Shared)
  • Embedded pictures in the Channels (Gifs and Pictures)

What's not included

  • General channel settings
  • Deleted channels
  • Guest users in channels
  • Tags and Apps in Teams
  • Personal and Group chats
  • Files in personal chats
  • Reactions
  • Wiki
  • Meeting notes
  • Meeting recordings

In order to restore Files from groups or chats, this must be done via the Microsoft 365 SharePoint service. These cannot be restored individually via the Teams service.