Cove: Ports and Connections required for Backup Manager

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Thu Mar 02 14:28 GMT 2023


  • Which ports need to be open for Backup Manager so I can access the backup-console remotely and allow full access to cloud nodes?


  • Cove Data Protection (Cove)


  • The following ports must be open for inbound and outbound communication to the Backup Manager:
    • Port 443 TCP - It is almost always open on workstations but may be closed on servers
    • Local port 5000 - If this port is unavailable, the Backup Manager detects a free port automatically (starting from 5001, 5002 and up)
    • Local port 15000 - If using this port and multiple restores running on the device, then the port number should be updated to 15000 + n where n is the number of restores running
  • The DNS must be allowed if router or firewall rules are in place to allow full communication to all storage nodes:
    • *
    • *
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    • *
  • Any Geoblocking should also be configured except for the Netherlands
  • For more information, see System requirements for Backup Manager