View application log

Option 1: View the logs on the hard drive

The log file is saved on the hard drive where Backup Manager is installed. The location depends on the operating system.

  • Windows: C:\ProgramData\MXB\Backup Manager\logs\BackupFP
  • macOS: /Library/Logs/MXB/Backup Manager/BackupFP
  • GNU/Linux: /opt/MXB/var/log/BackupFP

Option 2: View the server version in Backup Manager

Start Backup Manager and add /logs/app to the URL. You will see a file with application log records (also referred to as "BackupFP logs") and debug log records for Backup Manager.

You can find the records you need by scrolling, page search (Ctrl+F) or you can filter the log by appending parameters to the URL.