View application log

There are two versions of the application log: a local version and a server version. The local version is available on the hard drive of the device where the Backup Manager is installed. The server version is stored in the Cloud and can be accessed from the Backup Manager by appending the URL.

View the logs on the hard drive

The log file is saved as a local version on the hard drive where Backup Manager is installed.

The location depends on the operating system:

  • Windows: C:\ProgramData\MXB\Backup Manager\logs\BackupFP
  • macOS: /Library/Logs/MXB/Backup Manager/BackupFP
  • GNU/Linux: /opt/MXB/var/log/BackupFP

View the server version in Backup Manager

  1. Launch the Backup Manager for the device
  2. Once the Backup Manager is open in a browser, add /logs/app to the URL and browse there
  3. The application logs(also referred to as "BackupFP logs") or debug logs (if debug logging is enabled) will open in the window

You can find the records you need by scrolling or using page search (Ctrl+F).