User management in Management Console

Users (or user accounts) are required for access to the Console and other Cloud services.

  • There are several user roles to choose from. They make it possible to differentiate access to data and features within a company.
  • Customers can have an unlimited number of users.

User roles

The following user roles are available:

  • SuperUser
  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • Operator
  • Supporter

Security Officer is an additional setting which can be applied to certain roles to provide additional access to generate a passphrase:

  • SuperUser
  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • Operator

The following icons indicate availability:

Key Status Description
Available Is available for all
Limited Availability Is available for with limitations (see Note for additional information)
Read Only Is available in read only mode
Not Available Is not available

Please see the table below for access permissions available to each of the roles.

Task SuperUser with security officer permissions SuperUser Administrator with security officer permissions Administrator Manager with security officer permissions Manager Operator with security officer permissions Operator Supporter
Automatic Deployment
Export of monthly device statistics
Generating passphrases
Launching backup devices remotely
Recovering data in Backup Manager
Recovering data in Recovery Console (Note) (Note) (Note) (Note)
Recovery Testing (Note) (Note)
StandBy Image (Note) (Note)
Recovery Locations
Managing backup profiles
Managing contact notes
Managing contacts
Managing customers
Managing devices
Managing Microsoft 365 domains (Note) (Note) (Note) (Note)
Managing products
Managing security officers
Managing users
Managing views
Sending remote commands to devices

Adding users

You can add new users for your own company and for your customers. Here are steps to follow:

  1. In the vertical menu, click User management
  2. Click Add user

  3. Fill out the fields as fully as you can

  4. Ensure that you check API Authentication if the user needs to be able to log in to the platform via an API call
  5. If disabled, the user cannot log in to the platform via API. They will only be have access via the Web portal.

  6. Ensure you check Security Officer if the user role if the user needs to be able to generate a passphrase
  7. Click Add to apply the changes

The owner of the new user account will get an email notification with a password setup link.

Editing users

You can change any of the settings configured for a user except for the log-in name. Here is how to:

  1. Click the pen icon next to the name of the user you want to edit
  2. Edit the settings as required and click Save to apply
  3. For extra security, users control password management. To change their password the user goes to Login to the Backup Console, selects Forgot password? then enters the their email address to Reset your password.

    Where this email address corresponds to a user in the system, we send an email notification containing a link to reset their password.

    API Authentication can be enabled and disabled for users after they have been added through the edit user functionality.

Removing users

Here is how to remove a user from the system:

  1. Click the trashcan icon next to the name of the user
  2. Confirm your intention to proceed

After a user is removed, it will not be possible to access the Console with the deleted user account. All people logged in under that account will be logged out within the next 15 minutes.

Managing security officers

The first SuperUser who logs in to the Console is immediately flagged as a security officer. Only security officers can manage other security officers including themselves.

To add a user with the security officer permissions, do the following:

  1. Log in to the Management Console as a user with security officer permissions
  2. Navigate to the User Management module
  3. Click Add user
  4. Set the user role to SuperUser, Administrator, Manager or Operator

  5. Select the Security officer checkbox
  6. Click Add

You can also grant or remove security officer permissions to existing SuperUsers if necessary (see Edit user dialogue).

Each customer of the reseller or end-customer level must have at least 1 security officer. You cannot delete the last security officer.

Single Sign-On

Users log into the Management Console through a Single Sign-On service.

Our N-Able Single Sign-On (SSO) service is a convenient way for you to access our SSO products (including Take Control, MSP Manager and N-sight) with a single set of login credentials.

Please be aware that any changes to your SSO credentials, including username and password updates, will apply to all of our SSO supporting products and the N-AbleMe.

Please visit N-Able Single Sign-On (SSO) in Management Console for further information.