Getting passphrases for automatically installed devices

Access to automatically deployed devices is given via passphrase-based (system-generated security code) encryption.

Use the passphrase in any field asking for an Encryption key or Security Code

Passphrases are required to perform operations requiring security permissions:

  • Re-installing devices
  • Installing devices on a different computer for restore purposes
  • Adding devices to the Recovery Console
  • Adding a Recovery Testing plan to a device

Passphrases are generated upon request and are valid for 24 hours, but for one-time use only.

Get Passphrase

Passphrases are securely accessible from the Management Console:

  1. Log in to the Management Console as a user with Security officer permissions
  2. Click the name of the device that you need a passphrase for to open the Device Properties window
  3. Switch to the Settings tab
  4. Click Generate passphrase
  5. Once the passpgrase is generated, take a copy of this to carry out the required work

    Classic Device Properties:

    New Device Properties:

If you do not have the Generate passphrase option, go to User management and make sure you are logged in under the right user account and that the device was installed using Automatic Deployment.