Re-installing automatically deployed devices

When re-installing a regular backup device, the process is the same as when installing a device for the first time. However, the process is slightly different when re-installing a device that was created and installed through Quick Installation. This is because the security codes/encryption keys for automatically deployed devices are generated by the system and so no-one knows these details.

In order to re-install an automatically deployed device you must:

  1. Get the passphrase (Instructions on this can be found here - Getting passphrases for automatically installed devices)
  2. Run the installation using the passphrase instead of the security code/encryption key

You can run the installation through the set-up wizard or in the silent mode.

Silent mode re-installation instructions

Silent mode can be used for devices using both Windows and Linux operating systems. In the silent mode, there are three required parameters:

  1. -user – the name of the device you are re-installing (copied from the Console)
  2. -password – the installation key associated with the device name (copied from the Console)
  3. -passphrase– a system-generated security code for automatically deployed devices

The list of optional parameters is the same as for a new installation.

Here is a sample command on Windows:

mxb-windows-x86_x64.exe -silent -user "support_win_jab67v" -password "Secureh0982b2bxgt" -passphrase "914hahdgf-0000-example"

Here is a sample command on Linux: -- --user=" support_win_jab67v" --password=" Secureh0982b2bxgt" --passphrase=" 914hahdgf-0000-example"

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