Getting Started guide

To help you install Backup Manager and get your backups running quickly and easily, this Getting Started guide is designed to help you get up and running with the basic functionality of the Backup software.

Since the Backup is a cloud-first data protection platform, it does require the very first backup to be a full backup. This will take longer than future daily backups, where only a fraction of protected data is sent to the cloud. It is recommended to do this in advance whenever possible.

You can use this product to protect physical and virtual servers, workstations, and Microsoft 365 instances.

This is not an all inclusive guide to the Backup product and so does not cover some additional features. For full information on the product, please see the full backup documentation.

Please see the pages below to complete the initial setup of Cove Data Protection (Cove). Ensuring these steps are completed in this given order which will stop any conflicts.

Getting Started with Management Console


System Requirements for Management Console

Check the System requirements for Management Console to be sure you meet the relevant hardware and software requirements.


Backup Manager installation system requirements

Check the Backup Manager installation system requirements to confirm the intended backup devices meet the relevant hardware and software requirements.


Management Console

Accept the End User License Agreement

Accept the End User License Agreement (EULA) in order to proceed using Backup Manager


Add Users (Optional)

Add Users. Users (Or User Accounts) are required for access to the Management Console and other services. Take a look at the User Management page to check which user roles best fit, then follow the instructions to add users.

Complete Skipped

Add Customers/Partners

Add Customers to the Management Console as a way to organize backup devices by your clients, or groups or departments within your own company.


Create Profiles (Optional)

Create Profiles, which allow you to configure backup settings for multiple devices as one.

Complete Skipped

Install and Enable Backup Manager

Backup Manager Supported Features

Check the supported features for the Backup Manager to ensure we support the Operating System versions, Data Sources and additional features you require before installing.


Install Backup Manager

Install Backup Manager on devices where a backup is required.


Launch Backup Manager

Launch the Backup Manager client on the device.


Enable Backups

Configure the backup selection and schedule, then enable backups on the device. Alternately you may Start a one-time backup.