Build your flow

After the Cloud Commander connector is set up, you can create flows.

The account you use to run a flow must have the roles configured in Cloud Commander for the specified actions in the flow, and for the organizations you are running the flow against.

  1. In the Power Automate left navigation, select Create.
  2. Select Instant cloud flow.

    A window displays to build a new flow.

  3. Enter a Flow name.

  4. Select Manually trigger a flow and select Create.

    The flow creation page displays.

    Flows can begin with different types of events, called triggers. For example, triggers can be from Microsoft SharePoint, Gmail, Planner, and Microsoft Excel. For more information, see the Microsoft documentation.

  5. Under the manual trigger, select the + icon and select Add an action.

  6. In the Add an action pane, search for N-able Cloud Commander to see the Cloud Commander actions.

    For the complete list of available actions and their parameters, see N-able Cloud Commander | Microsoft Learn.

  7. Select the target action.

  8. If you're not already signed in using the credentials for your Cloud Commander account, sign in.
  9. Near the top of the screen, select Save.

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Updated: May 07, 2024