Customer integration states

As you onboard your customer tenants, we track their integration status using the following states:

An existing GDAP relationship in Approval pending state is not supported, and you must go to the Microsoft Partner Center to follow the manual approval process.

State Description Action
Not configured GDAP relationship not established. This status occurs when:
  • Initial status — GDAP relationship not yet defined or attempted.
  • Offboarded customer — You have offboarded the customer.
If you want to onboard the customer, click in the Request approval column of the customer to select Enabled.
Needs approval Approval is required for the GDAP relationship. Select Copy approval to copy the link that's required to approve the GDAP request. Send the link to an administrator for the customer so they can approve the request. For instructions, see the Microsoft documentation.
Approved The GDAP relationship is fully configured and ready to use. Cloud Commander can import data from the cloud. No action required.
Issues found GDAP relationship can't be created, or it can be created but without all the required access permissions. If the customer's status changes to Issues found, select Review limitations to view more information, and then choose one of these actions:
  1. If you don't plan to manage Microsoft Azure resources for the tenant and want to accept the current relationship, select Cancel.

    The status for the tenant remains Issues found, and you can manage the tenant in Cloud Commander but without Microsoft Azure access.

  2. If you do plan to manage Microsoft Azure resources for the tenant, follow the instructions in this article to update the licenses of the tenant in your Microsoft account.

    When complete, go back to the Cloud Commander Review limitations dialog for the tenant and select Revalidate.

Awaiting Microsoft Due to the asynchronous mode of Microsoft processing external requests, this status displays when Cloud Commander is waiting for Microsoft to complete processing. No action required.

Updated: Feb 01, 2024