New: June 15, 2020

Managing users for multi-factor authentication

N-able N-central ensures that administrators are kept aware of users that do not have multi-factor authentication enabled.

When upgrading to N-able N-central 2020.2 and above, multi-factor authentication is enabled by default. New accounts will have multi-factor authentication enabled by default.

When administrators log in to N-able N-central, the first screen that appears displays a security message, indicating how many users do not have multi-factor authentication enabled.

To enable the administrator to see what users do not have multi-factor authentication, click Download a List of Users. N-able N-central downloads a .CSV file that contains basic information to locate the users:

  • First and last name,
  • User Name,
  • E-mail,
  • System
  • Service Organization,
  • Customer, and
  • Site

Using this information, the administrator can enable and configure multi-factor authentication, or to exclude users that are unable to use multi-factor authentication.