hAssign a user to a role

When you add a new user to N-able N-central, you assign the user a Role. The Role defines the permissions that the user has to perform work for customers and devices. The user cannot perform any work until you assign a Role.

For more information on roles, see the help topic What is a Role.

You can assign a user to multiple roles. Roles are a set of permissions allowing the access to a feature. If the user is assigned two roles where in one role a feature is allowed, and another role it is not, the role that allows access to the feature takes precedence. That is, that feature will be accessible.

  1. Click AdministrationUser ManagementRoles.
  2. Click the Role name.
  3. Click the Users tab and click Assign Users.
  4. Select the check box for the user(s) you want to assign to the Role.
  5. Click Assign.

The new user appears in the table within the Users tab. When that user logs into perform work, their view in N-able N-central will reflect the permissions assigned.