Create an API-only user

Create a user that you can use for programming access N-able N-central APIs. When configured and enabled, the API user only has access to the N-able N-central public APIs, and not the user interface.

Attempting to login with the API-only user will display the message: This user account does not have access to the UI.

The API user still requires a Role and Access Group. Please review the roles permissions as per the Permissions Dictionary & Menus. Note that the API user would adhere to the same rules as the end user.

  1. Click Administration > User Management > Users.
  2. Click Create User.
  3. Enter the user information and password.
  4. Click the Role tab and click Assign Roles.
  5. Select one or more Roles and click Assign.
  6. A user can have more than one Role.

  7. Click the Access Groups tab then the Assign Access Groups.
  8. In the Assign Access Groups dialog box, select one or more Access Groups and click Assign.
  9. Click the User Details tab then the User Information tab.
  10. Under Access, uncheck the checkbox next to Use Two-Factor Authentication.
  11. Two-Factor Authentication needs to be turned off in order to only pass along the JSON Web Token.

  12. Click Save.
  13. Select the login name of the user you just created to open the Modify User window.
  14. Click the API Access tab and tick the API-Only User checkbox.
  15. To authenticate the API user with a web token, click Generate JSON Web Token and copy the token for login use. For more information, see Generate a JSON web token.
  16. Click OK then Save.

The new user appears on the Users list. You can identify the API user in the user list in the API-Only User column. If you assigned a Role and an Access Group, a triangle appears next to the user name.