User password management

Manage the password settings applied to all accounts in the system. The password settings enforce rules and limits that create a more secure environment for your N-able N-central server and customers.

You can set the level of complexity, system settings, and complexity rules. The level of complexity controls the strength of the complexity rules, with the highest level enforcing the strictest rules. The system settings control the time after which a password expires and the number of failed sign-in attempts after which an account is locked. The complexity rules control the password content.

This feature is only available at the System and Product Administrator levels.

  1. Click AdministrationUser ManagementPassword Setting.
  2. Select the level of Complexity that you want to enforce for the passwords. The Password Complexity Rules are provided with default values based on the level of complexity you choose.
  3. In the Password System Settings area, configure the password expiry and lockout limits. The lockout limit affects a normal log in as well as a multi-factor login attempt.
  4. A locked account can also be manually unlocked by your administrator.

  5. In the Password Complexity Rules area, define the requirements for the new password. The new password much contain the characters you outline in this section before the system will accept it.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click OK.

The password settings are applied to all of the new and any existing accounts. For existing accounts, the complexity rules are not enforced until the next time a user changes their password.