Permissions example: Enable a user to access administrative tools

This example describes how to set the user permissions in N-able N-central so that it permits the user to manage system level server configuration. This includes:

  • disk diagnostics,
  • SMTP authentication,
  • test email delivery, and
  • network setup.

The permissions in this topic are to only allow specific functions for the user. You can add additional permissions as needed to create a more robust role.

The permissions to set

  • In the Administration MSP N-centralAdministration Tools section, select Manage.
  • In the Administration > MSP N-centralSystem Defaults section, select Manage.

Setting up this type of permissions involves:

  • Creating an access group to include the customers and sites the technician can reports on.
  • Set the read-only permissions in a role.
  • Create a user that is connected to the access group and role created.

Create an access group

An access group is a collection of customers or a collection of devices. The access group defines what customers and devices the technician will see. For this example, create an access group of customers.

  1. Click Administration > User Management > Access Groups.
  2. Click Add > By Customers.
  3. Enter a name and description for the group.
  4. Select customers from the list.
  5. Click Save.

Set the permissions in a role

A role is a collection of permissions. For this role, you want the technician to be able to see all customer devices.

  1. Click Administration > User Management > Roles.
  2. Click Create Role.
  3. Enter a name and description, and select the permissions needed for the role.
  4. In the Administration > MSP N-central > Administrative Tools section, select Manage.
  5. In the AdministrationMSP N-centralSystem Defaults section, select Manage.
  6. Click Save.

Create and apply to a user

With the access group and permissions defined, you need to either create a new user, or apply these settings to the user.

  1. Click AdministrationUser ManagementUsers.
  2. Click Create User to add a new user, or click the Login Name of an existing user.
  3. On the Roles tab, click Assign Roles.
  4. Click the check box for the new role and click Assign.
  5. Click the Access Groups tab and click Assign Access Groups.
  6. Click the check box for the new access group and click Assign.
  7. Click Save.

As other customers come online for monitoring, you only need to update the access group to include the new customers or sites.