Disable services

Disable services you do not use to make it easier to see and select the most used services. By disabling the services you do not use, when applying services or create service templates, it is easier to see and access those most used services. For example, if your customers do not use Cisco appliances, disable those services so they will not appear in the list.

When disabled, a service is removed from devices and dashboards.

  1. Click AdministrationService ManagementService Control.
  2. Select the check boxes next to the services to disable.
  3. Click Disable, then OK.

The services are disabled and the Service Control screen appears with the updated status of the services and service groupings. In the service templates, the disabled services will not appear.

If you disabled services that were set on any device, the services are removed from the devices.

To find disabled services, use the filtering options and selecting Disabled check box in the Monitoring Status area.