Create an SNMP-based custom service using asset data

Use asset discovery data to automatically configure SNMP-based custom services on any SNMP-enabled device. This will speed the application of custom services to save time when adding new devices.

  1. Click Administration > Service Management > Custom Services.
  2. Click Add > Service > SNMP and enter a service name.
  3. Click Add and enter a Query Name.
  4. Enter the OID names and identifiers to use by clicking the + button.
  5. In the SNMP Index Options section, select to either:
    • Use custom SNMP index and enter the custom SNMP Index.
    • Query OID with specific value to retrieve SNMP index and enter the OID number and the Value from the MIB for the number to monitor.
  6. Toggle Enable Field Editing to ON. This makes the discovered property visible on the service and service template.
  7. Click Save.
  8. On the Queries tab, click the Identifier Options drop-down list box and select SNMP value to uniquely identify the instance of the service on the device.
  9. Click the Data and Thresholds tab.
  10. Click Add Metric to add the metrics needed for the custom service.
  11. Click Save.

You have now created the SNMP-based service.

After you create the SNMP-based custom service in N-able N-central, create a Service Template but do not apply it to the device. Run a Discovery Job against the device and apply the Service Template to it. Read more on how to apply custom monitoring services.