Create a downtime window using a rule

Create a recurring downtime window using a rule that triggers a downtime maintenance window. Create the rule at the SO level; this will enable you to select the customers and sites to apply the window. If you only need to create a downtime for a single device, see Create downtime maintenance window.

  1. Click Configuration > Monitoring > Rules.
  2. Click Add and add a Name and Description for the rule.
  3. Click the Devices to Target tab, select the filters for the devices that you will apply the rule to.
  4. Click Show Devices option on the right to confirm that all applicable devices are being selected.

  5. Click the Maintenance Windows tab.
  6. Click Add > Downtime.
  7. Configure the downtime window to suit your requirements and click Save.
  8. Click the Grant Customers & Sites Access tab.
  9. From the drop-down menu, select how N-able N-central applies the rule to any future Customers and Sites when they’re added.
  10. Select the Customers and/or Sites that the new rule will apply to.
  11. Click Save.

When the downtime window time occurs, the selected devices are placed into downtime.