Quarterly customer reviews

As part of your Managed Services Program, some sort of regularly scheduled meeting with the customer will need to be included. The goal of this type of meeting is to review with the customer how their network is performing and to offer some additional consulting and guidance as to where the MSP believes the customer’s network is heading in the future. The frequency of these meeting depends on the customer and circumstances, of course, and they may be called Network Health Review Meetings or CIO visits.N-able N-central and Report Manager will generate the network reports you need to take to these meetings to verify to the customer that your MSP is delivering the services they have committed to delivering as outlined in the service agreements. These reports will also prove beneficial to support any recommendations for improvements or changes to the network you intend to propose.

The Executive Summary report should form the basis of your meeting. You can set it to report on the period since your last meeting and show the overall scores for how your MSP has been performing since your last meeting. The scorecards can include the scores for the previous period for comparison.

Remember when configuring the report to ensure you exclude areas your contract does not cover from the general overall score.

For many, non-technical customers this may be the only report they need, and they may only want the first few pages showing the scorecards rather than the complete summary. You can tailor the preamble text to be more specific to the customer, and to the current results.

Although the Executive Summary report is designed to be easy to understand and the Report Manager scheduler makes it easy to generate and send to customers, it is advised that you vet the report first and deliver it in person. This enables you to take them through each area, zeroing in on the important metrics to confirm the value of your MSP, demonstrate breakthrough insights, and offer recommendations for further services.

For more technical customers, you can adjust the report to their level, including the Summaries and Details for each area in the report to provide 40 or more pages of concise, organized information showing everything that has happened and everything you have done during the reporting period.

Using the Executive Summary to up sell

It can be good practice to include areas not covered by your current MSP contract in the Executive Summary Report. A good example is Patch Management. If a customer is not paying for Patch Management you can display the Windows and Third Party Patching scoreboards in the Executive Summary while excluding the score from the general overall scorecard by setting Weigh the Score to "0". This means you can show the customer how they are currently faring without being managed. You can then show them the summary results, pointing out how many important patches they are missing, and how Patch Manager would alleviate this issue immediately.