Asset reports

Asset reports provide a list of devices and license information for a customer or site. The available reports depends whether you have accessed the page from the Service Organization (SO) or Customer or Site (CS) level.

To access the asset reports, click ReportsAsset.

If the report category or report type does not appear, the category is not available at that level.

Report NameDescriptionLevel

Asset Site

The Asset Site report is available for the complete service organization or a selected customer. It shows a summary of each discovered assets, and can help you determine which devices are underpowered or obsolete. The report can be useful when planning client-wide upgrades planning, and understanding what types of hardware you are required to support.


Detailed Asset

The Detailed asset report is accessed from the customer level, and itemizes the applications, system details, patches, attached devices and services running on for one or more device.

Use this report to provide insight into whether any malicious applications are installed on the network, and the identify and security breaches that may exist.


License Compliance

This report provides information on all licensed software packages monitored by the license compliance service within the organization, comparing the total number of licenses installed against the total number of licenses permitted. This report represents license compliance at the time it is generated, and does not reflect historical data. The report gives you the information required to correct license compliance issues, such as how many licenses need to be purchase or which machines have software on them that needs to be removed.


License Key/Inventory

This customer level report simply lists all current license keys and license information from installed software packages discovered on devices.

This can be useful for rebuilding Windows machines, and for insurance purposes in the case of theft or damage.