Download the Connect2Help configuration tool

The Connect2Help Configuration Tool is available from N-able N-central N-ableMe.

  1. Log in to N-ableMe:
  2. Open the Connect2Help software download page here: Connect2Help downloads.
  3. Click on the release title of the latest version of Connect2Help.
  4. Under Mirror 1, click the download link (.MSI file) to download the Connect2Help Configuration Tool to a folder on your computer.
  5. Run the installer (.MSI file) to start the Connect2Help Configuration Tool Setup Wizard.
  6. The device automatically reboots to complete the Connect2Help installation process. To prevent the automatic restart, simply enter the norestart command when running the executable from the command line. For example: Connect2Help Configuration Tool.msi /i /qn /norestart

The Connect2help Configuration Tool will be installed locally and you will use this tool to configure your customized installation software. Launch the software to customize the software. To see the configuration steps, see the procedure overview.